Want a social network or dating app? Now you can rent one.
Ever thought about owning your very own social network, brand platform, or dating app? Now you can license one ready-to-launch at a fraction of the cost.
“Whatever you’re thinking, triple the cost AND triple the time…” And so I was warned 18 months ago as I started building my own social network. And as a proper entrepreneur I would, of course, ignore this advice. I ignored the advice of my friend even when experienced professionals had already confirmed real world benchmarking on the time and money it would require for the basic first version of a successful social network (from “How much does it cost to build the world’s hottest startups?")
9 months (minimal viable product)
6 months (minimal viable product)
9 months (website only)
1 year, 15-person team
Angry Birds:
1+ year, 20-person team
I had built real world million dollar businesses before but now I wanted to build something new, something more adventurous. Instead of reaching thousands of local customers, an app platform could scale unlike anything else out there and reach MILLIONS of users all around the world. The thrill of creating a new App people want and becoming The Next Big Thing was just too good to pass up:
Uniquely positioned social networks have generated immense value at over $100 per monthly active user.
So I crashed an Argentinian wedding , rounded up a top notch A-team of product specialists, programmers and designers from the likes of Amazon, JP Morgan, and Pixar and 18 months later, we have a platform I’m proud to call our own. Think Instagram, but with money. In our beta testing alone, users have shared over $25,000 with one another and our iterations are showing promising signs of initial traction.
Our team has built Oppa to be fast, reliable, scalable. It’s so good we welcome you to see for yourself on the App Store. It has the core functionality of Instagram (social network), Tinder (social discovery), WhatsApp (real time chat) and Venmo (peer payments). A fully featured app ready to compete with the best out there, just pick and choose what features you want for your own app (we even animated proprietary 3D “live” stickers)!
We don’t mind sharing. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder shouldn’t have all the fun. We will help you customize our brand platform to your own vision and in a month or two, your product will be ready to go.
Don’t waste 12-18 months of your life managing overseas developers in different time zones and broken English who don’t understand your vision. You get the exact same patent-pending technology we’re using in our very own content monetization platform, along with the scalable architecture and back-end Admin Panel to manage your future users. Our platform has been unit tested, bug tested, and stress tested so you can focus on growing your network - and reaching traction often leads to massive, hyperbolic growth.
And as my friend warned me, let me warn you now – app development is not easy, will always be a continuous and expensive process of improvement, and app marketing is an entirely new hurdle. But if you’re ready for the challenge, reach out to us - we’d love to hear from you.
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